General practitioner care for migrant workers, international students, status holders and Ukrainian refugees.

When to go to the general practitioner

Primary Care for Internationals (PC4i) is for temporary basic general practitioner care. Your questions are answered by phone or via the app. If you need a consultation in person, you will receive an appointment in Tilburg. If necessary, the general practitioner will refer you to other healthcare providers.


The general practitioner and assistants are used to working with patients from other cultural backgrounds. Contact by phone is possible in ten languages. In Tilburg, Dutch and English is spoken in the practice. Where necessary, use is made of a telephone interpreter or a translation app.


If you already have your own general practitioner, then naturally that is where you go.

Do you have a question for the general practitioner, or do you need medication?

You are status holder, international student or migrant worker

Always call first

  1. Leave your details, you will hear straight away when you will be called back.
  2. The assistant will contact you in your own language. This saves waiting time and telephone costs.
  3. The assistant will ask you to complete this registration form.
  4. The assistant will give you advice or schedule a consultation at the practice.

Please use this form only if you have medical complaints. Only then can you register. There is no point in using this form if you have no complaints.

You are from Ukraine

Use the Medicoo app. Simply receive personal advice from the medical team in your own language.

You can also send a photo of your complaint in the chat. If necessary, you will be referred to a Primary Care for Internationals general practitioner.

Opening hours

Any in-person consultations take place in Tilburg.

Upon arrival, you do NOT need to register, simply take a seat in the waiting room on the left. The general practitioner will call you.

It is NOT possible to receive help without an appointment.


Ask your insurer which costs are covered and how you can declare them.


Patients who do not have Dutch health insurance are requested to make an immediate payment via PIN at the medical practice. Depending on your insurance coverage, you may be able to declare the costs you have made. A consultation costs € 78,25